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1. Winter Wonderland Silent Disco

The majority of people do clubbing with loud banging music but very few know the concept of silent discos. In a Silent disco event, people are provided with headphones that consist of 4 channels and the user is free to switch between those channels. Every channel has a different genre of music playing inside headphones. People groove and vibe together dancing silently & this way is considered far better than the normal loud music clubbing. So this family-friendly silent dance party takes place in Battery Park City every Friday night. The timings of the party are 6 to 9 pm. Three DJs perform on this night and make your headphones dance too. If you were looking for amazing fun things to do in NYC then you can swing by to this party. Headphones are free at this party. You can find these kinds of parties and promote events in NYC through Whrzat app.

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2. Pix on the Plaza

Most people love to party, explore the city on foot, look for fun activities to do in NYC but some also love to just relax at a cozy place with their fellows & watch movies. So, if you are a movie maniac then bro this is your time. So this place is at NYC’s seasonal event The forest. This place serves warm cozy outdoor sitting with delicious food and of course big outdoor heaters. A themed screening is featured every weekday with famous movies such as the marvel movies and many more… You can order food just by chilling at your place with an awesome grilled menu & complimentary popcorn. Next time you visit the place you will remember our suggestion but in the meantime, you can promote events in NYC through Whrzat app.

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3. Littlefield’s annual Valentine’s Day marketLittlefield’s annual Valentine’s Day market

If you and your partner are crazy for sweets & cakes so, this is a swing-by place for you. This event takes place during Valentine’s week and is held on weekends. This event can be categorized as fun activities in NYC for adults. You can go & shop for Valentine’s from the city’s local vendors. You can have various types of candy, pancakes, cupcakes, donuts.

Some famous items you’ll see here are giant peanut butter cups, Bohemian bracelets, products made from hemp, plush animals, and cultural icons printed/embroidered on hats/beanies, sweaters,hand-knit winter accessories, and many more. You can visit this place and create hotspots on Whrzat app so that you can also suggest some amazing fun things to do in NYC this weekend.

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4. 100 Color- changing interactive pads exhibition

This place will be definitely a paradise for tech lovers or the ones who love to see new technologies. This event takes place at Industry City Courtyard. This event has a field of concentric circles that allows you to create your own light and color show by just stepping, dancing, or jumping on each pad. The artist behind the work is known to New York's art lovers.

The artist of this technology initially made The Pool in 2008. He was inspired by Australian tidal waves. Since then, the exhibition has travelled over to twenty countries and sixty events.

If you were looking for amazing fun things to do in NYC then this event is a thumbs up. Don’t forget to promote events in NYC through Whrzat app.

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5. Artists for the Bronx-

“Earth without art is just ‘eh’” rightly said by someone & we are sure you’ll also agree to this. If you are an art lover then without any doubt you should check out this amazing fundraising exhibition held by artists of New York City. Famous artists like Louis angel and bc also take part in this exhibition. The event is organized for the victims of the tragic January 9 Bronx fire. West Chelsea Contemporary art gallery that opened its New York location in the Chelsea neighborhood organizes this exhibition called New York Artists For The Bronx. The best part of this art exhibition is that the gallery will donate 100% of the sale of each work of art to the Bronx Fire Relief Fund.

This event is different from all those party events, food events, or amusement rides but this is an event for all the art passionate people.

If you want to suggest this event to all your art lover friends use the Whrzat app & promote events in NYC.

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6. NYC Restaurant week-

This is the perfect location our foodies were looking for. If you are roaming for some delicious food & finding amazing things to do in NYC then you can hop into NYC’s Restaurant week. This event is held twice a year, in summer and in winter, and each one lasts for about a month. Restaurants decide their menus and offer fine varieties for brunch, lunch, dinner, and sometimes the three combined. You can say it is one of the best food holidays & if you are lucky you can clear your dinner reservations and rely on this event for awesome food. Winter Restaurant Week, 2022 is from January 18 to February 13.

These types of events are not known by many but you can find in on Whrzat app and create a hotspot to Promote events in NYC.

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