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Let's explore Boston, where the new is in constant conversation with the old, where streets lined with cobblestones meet shopping galleries enclosed in glass. Here you'll find The Freedom Trail landmarks standing beside modern restaurants and world-class performance theatres with popular nightclubs. There are many amazing fun things to do so that everyone has the best time here.

Amazing fun things to do

Get to know Boston's history as you enjoy the distinctive modernity. Shop the absolute best from chic boutiques or antique markets. Relish the afternoons at sidewalk cafés or dine out from the trendy food trucks sprinkled all across the City. Enjoy glitzy and glamorous concerts, right under the starlit sky. Stroll around walking tours or create a trail yourself. Walk along the vibrant waterfront or sail along the historic Boston harbor.
There are so many amazing fun things to do — you will definitely have to stay!

Amazing fun things to do

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Amazing Fun Things To Do In Boston

  • Freedom Trail

    Looking at the map of Boston City, you might wonder where to start. The best option is, to begin with, the Freedom Trail. This tour takes you through important landmarks, such as the Paul Revere House, the USS Constitution, the Bunker Hill Monument, the site of the 1770 Boston Massacre, etc. Indeed the best among fun things to do in Boston.

    Amazing fun things to do

    The Freedom Trail stretches a bit more than two miles in total and is a winding path through the City lined with brick pathways for keeping people on track.

    Other than the popular attractions, you are also going to cover a lot of shops, churches, museums, graveyards as well as historical meeting centers. Anyone may wander off the trail whenever they want to grab a coffee at a cozy sidewalk café or click a photo with statues as memoirs, and the bricks can lead them back.

    If you consider doing fun activities, the Freedom Trail can be a great way to begin your vacation.

  • Fenway Park

    With green fields, rickety seats, and a delicious smell of popcorn dissolved in the air Fenway Park should be your #1 choice if you are looking for fun things. Being one of the first baseball stadiums across the country, Fenway Park is painstakingly preserved to be an athletic landmark and still has the classic, clean-cut vibes that travel back to the prime days of the favorite pastime of America. Fenway Park still seats only as many people as it used to back in 1912, offering a close-up view of all the hot favorite batters and pitchers.

    The press rooms in the stadium are filled with mementos, and you admire the beautiful mitts, balls, bats, and trading cards just like your parents or grandparents.

    Fun things to do

    The home of the Boston Red Sox is the most "Boston" that could get.

    If you love fun things to do and want to experience Major League Baseball, you just have to schedule a tour to Fenway Park.

  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

    It is fairly rare for a museum to have a building that is equally stunning as the artifacts inside, but Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum can, without a doubt, sway you off your feet the moment you step inside.

    Fun things to do

    Founded by Isabella Stewart Gardner, a patron of arts from the 1800s, it has been designed like a palace.
    All the halls are bejeweled with delicate carpets and wallpapers, while the courtyard boasts of a collection of patios, textiles, and archways, making it amazing fun things to do in Boston.

    Needless to say, if you don't get dazed by the architecture, you are sure to be staggered by all that's housed inside it.

    It's the best place if you want amazing fun things to do in Boston in the winter and have a strong interest in art.

  • Boston Rowing Center

    You'll find a lot of people in rowboats in Boston. Harvard has its own rowing team; white rowers from Cambridge always train for the upcoming regatta.

    Fun things to do

    However, not all of these rowers are professional athletes. Quite a few of them are tourists enjoying the services of Boston Rowing Center that offer fun.

    This place will give you a chance to take a rowboat for enjoying a great time in the waters. As a bonus, the Boston Rowing Center welcomes people from all age groups and also offers classes and group rowing tours for beginners. If you are a pro already and know the drill, you might want to rent a boat by yourself and have fun things to do in Boston with kids on a lazy afternoon along the river. Rowing is a popular activity in Boston, so you won't feel left out but will fit in with locals. So much so that you can even make a few new friends.

  • Bodega

    Attractions in Boston come in various forms, but this upscale fashion boutique obscured behind a broken vending machine is one you have to believe and see for yourself.

    You can only find this hidden shop called Bodega if you go to the rundown convenience store on the Back Bay. To get in, you must push aside a particular Snapple vending machine.

    Things to do

    You won't find any signs or markers, so you will simply have to go around the maze of alleyways of Boston before you get to the correct path. After you enter Bodega, however, you are bound to be amazed at the clean, brightly-lit space. It's a high-end brand, graced by celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Kevin Durant.

  • Boston Harbor

    You are going to find many attractions related to the City at the Boston Harbor.

    It is of enormous significance not only for being the site of the historic Boston Tea Party but also as a house of museums, shipyards, statues, lighthouses, landmarks, and several other things holding cultural relevance that teaches us about the past of Boston.

    You'll have many fun things to do in Boston with kids, such as taking a ferry ride of the islands in Massachusetts.

    Things to do

    Grab a steaming snack from local cafés, or visit the floating museum housed on a boat as the artifacts flow with high and low tides.

  • Brattle Book Shop

    Just by coming across the Brattle Book Shop, it's impossible to know that this is one of the biggest and most respected bookstores throughout Massachusetts.

    This is a cozy, kind of crowded place with books heaped along shelves, collapsing in piles, and even spilling out to the brick alleyway by the store!

    Things to do

    The Brattle Book Shop is indeed a treasure trove for every book lover. You can easily find thousands of titles of every kind, like, paperbacks and hardcovers. You can find limited first editions as well as out-of-print copies—definitely one of the amazing fun things to do.

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